Mental breathing space



It’s been another long period since last I wrote. I can only blame myself though I’ll mention a thought that’s been occupying a small space in my mind.

Your mind needs to breathe. Your mind, like your lungs, needs to take in deep, swelling voluminous breaths in order to exhale fresh and pure ideas. I’m not going to use work as an excuse but a reason why I haven’t written, or been able to do much creative pieces or works over the last few weeks is because my mind has been (kinda) choked by an ever increasing weight of city clutter, like bills and job applications and office protocol.

On the way home on the train today a man started talking to me about his work and after I told him I worked for a charity he told me how he was dying to do some good with his time. He seemed oxygen deprived. Like his mind, or perhaps his soul, had been suffocated for a while.

Anyway, in my desperation I took on 2 video projects over the weekend, one a paid gig and the other a strictly creative collaboration (that means ‘no money’ in pretentious filmmaker language! haha). I did them if only to let my mind breathe. I’ll try to get them out asap whilst momentum is strong and my mind’s breast is still swollen with pure crisp air. Then back to the grindhouse!

Jubair, out!


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