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Here are the ads I worked on last month:

Hope you guys enjoyed them and that they made you think. The organisation does great work at this time of year so as ever I ask you to donate if you can or at least help spread the word by sharing on your facebook, twitter etc.

Donate here: http://www.muslimaid.org

I’ll be posting a ‘lessons learned’ about this shoot in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for that.



Light and shadow – a photography challenge



Hi everyone. This post will mostly be pictures, a photography challenge I set myself along with friend and colleague N. H. Wan. We dusted off our old 35mm film SLRs and bought a few rolls to shoot the theme ‘light and shadow’. We could interpret that however we wanted and it was a good place to start to get our composition/mise-en-scene-minds back into gear. Enjoy!

00740003 00740007 00740011 00740012 00740025 00740018

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