Creative endeavours – a way of staying sane!



Recently a dear friend of mine fell prey to a common yet severe problem. He had a nervous breakdown…

He had been under a lot of stress for a while and the inevitable was brewing, till finally he snapped and had to be admitted to hospital.

I visited him there the other day and we spoke for a short while about how it was a good time to stay away from work and do something creative, like paint, or write poetry (or both!).

It may have been that I suggested that because I couldn’t offer much more in the way of advice or good words, but I realised after thinking about it that, really, creative outlets are a way of expressing things without being so explicit, the various art forms a medium to say something without having to utter a word. Obviously this doesn’t really apply to lets say rap lyrics! But what I mean is that it can be quite a daunting prospect to tell someone you need to talk about the problems you’re having, so to be able to draw something or write a short piece gives you a voice you can rely on to make sense of what you might be going through.

I entered the #projectfilmsupply competition on and a friend/colleague of mine agreed to do the artwork for my entry. It’s the multicoloured picture you see above. A robotic hand made up of a multiplicity of colours. The title reads ‘Robo-love meltdown’. The competition is to make a film pitch and I think the concept of my film (the cyborg spouse of a scientist becomes her enemy after jealousy takes root in her heart) came from this creeping feeling that our relationship with technology is a poisonous one wrought with psychological disorder and disfunction. It could make for a good short film, but as I explained earlier, it was really just a fun, silly and quick creative outlet for me to express something that had been playing on my mind.

It’s sad that at its heart it holds far too much truth in the case of my friend. I wish him a quick and full recovery. In our prayers.



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